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What we do

eSolutions offers professional solutions and custom development services for deployment of e-commerce platforms, web development, content management systems, custom web/mobile applications, customer database management systems and e-Marketing broadcasting systems.

Our solutions work across all major computers platforms, operating systems and mobile devices.

The power of the web/mobile as a business tool, and communicative medium should not be underestimated. We combine the best advice and solutions to help you create effective business tools to help you grow.

The web is not just about employing the best technology. It's also about delivering the right tools and messages to your customers. Our professional team will work closely with you on each project to ensure cost and technology are harmoniously balanced. We start by reviewing your goals, your future plans and your vision for the final outcome of the project. By paying close attention to what you need, we develop effective strategies and systems that are linked to your big picture.

Our focus is also to help you pinpoint your customers' requirements and deploy solutions that will allow you to best capture and communicate with them.

If you need an "e solution", contact eSolutions !

Custom Development Services

eSolutions provides custom services that help our customers deploy, manage and maintain web projects. Our custom work primarily focus on the following areas:

Web Design
Your website is the first thing your customer see and quickly form impressions of your company, the types of services you provide and the credibility of your business. Set a strong first impression of your company and stand out from the crowd. Employing techniques in aesthetics, color theory, typography, lighting and movement, we convey your message in bold and clear ways that makes your website a joy to visit and leave a lasting impact in your customers' minds. Using the latest in css, html5 and dynamic web applications, all websites we deploy are responsive and adapts automatically to desktop, table and smartphone browsers.

Website Deployment
Equally important as the web design is the proper presentation of your message and content. We can assist you to deploy all your new and existing content. Content from existing systems will be migrated using migration tools that can be customized to ensure proper migration and reformatting of the content for the new website style as well as across different browsers, desktops and mobile devices.

Web / Mobile Application Development
Modern browsers for desktops and mobile devices can do amazing things that no longer require dedicate apps to be downloaded and installed. We specialize in understanding, defining and developing sophisticated database driven applications that automatically adapts to large desktop displays using mouse and small mobile devices using touch.

Specialized Integration
Businesses employs numerous systems, software, internal services and external cloud services. Making them all talk harmoniously with one another can be a challenge and even daunting. We have a long history of experiences integrating to different customer database driven systems, booking systems, recruitment systems, HR systems, online services, backend workflow systems and secure payment systems.

Complete Consumer e-Commerce Platforms
The web has fundamentally transform the way businesses operate. Now more than ever, commerce and transactions happen behind keyboards and touch screens. We have developed robust and field-tested consumer ecommerce systems that is ready to be customized and adapted for your business to sell products online. Core modules of our e-Commerce platform include:

  • Member signup / login module
  • Product management module supporting product variants (different color, size, material, etc.) and even personalized products that customer can personalize online with text, graphics and/or photos
  • Promotion module supporting general rule-based discounts and unique code based discounts for group buy redemptions
  • Shopping cart and check-out module
  • Order tracking module with automated email notifications
  • Backend member management, order management and production workflow module
  • Payment module supporting virtually any payment providers

All of modules are ready be deployed, customized for your business and/or integrated to your existing systems.

Our Business Philosophy and Pledge
eSolutions strives to providing top quality, error free, low maintenance and easy to use systems that help our customers achieve their goals in the digital age. Our team works at the highest standard, and have experience working with many large companies demanding the highest level of work.

All our custom services follow our "Realistic IT Cost" philosophy where you will not be charged exuberant amount just because you may not know IT costs well, or we simply follow industry standards. View eSolutions' "Realistic IT Costs" pledge.

Whether you are a small medium sized company, or a large corporate we are here to help, so please give us a call.

Our Systems

GX Alliance

In depth customer data management system to manage and maintain customer data suitable for medium sized businesses to multi-national corporations. The system gives full understanding of your customers' demographics (income level, gender, age group, etc.) and psychographics (influencing factors, habits for making purchasing decisions).

GX Marketeer

E-mail marketing solutions to prospect, acquire and develop lasting relationships with customers by sending them expected and relevant information. GX Marketeer allows marketers to cost effectively increase revenue by target marketing products and services to prospective customers, building one-to-one customer relationships and strengthening brand names.

GX Hemingway

Content management system fully customized for teams of content writers, editors, IT managers and department heads and suited for medium sized businesses to multi-national corporations. The editing functions and review / approval workflow are highly customized for the specific tasks required by the particular team members' roles.

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