GX Hemingway

Distributed Content Management System

eSolutions' GX Hemingway Solution provides a fast and cost-effective way to create powerful websites with a few pages to thousands of pages with advance functions. The solution allows virtually any responsive designs and functions to be deployed while providing a unified and uniform set of back-end tools for the content writer, editors, managers and administrators.

Developers and content writers alike access all functions through the web browser. Websites created by GX Hemingway are fully responsive to work across desktops and mobile devices, multi-lingual, cross platform and cross browser compatible. Some key features are:

Hierarchical Content

For large websites, organizing the abundance of information can be a daunting task, let alone managing them and presenting them to the World. The complexity is compounded with different language versions, different revisions of the same content, different operators and managers each needing to perform specific task on specific pieces of information. GX Hemingway solves all these issues in a single easy to understand interface that groups information into logical hierarchies or folders.

Once the website hierarchical sitemap is defined, everything neatly falls into place. Website hierarchical menus, sitemaps, navigation histories (bread crumb) are automatically generated based on which folder the content resides. Moving content from one folder to the next is as simple as dragging the content and dropping it into a different folder. Everything is automatically regenerated.

Hierarchical Operators and Managers

Often, teams of users from different departments and having different responsibilities collaborate to create, edit, review and approve content. GX Hemingway workgroups uses a similar hierarchical structure to define group operations and access rights that can be configured to fit into virtually any type of business workflow.

Multi-Level operators can be defined where completed content can be escalated up the entire chain of approval managers who can be optionally notified by email once a content is ready for review and approval.

Content approval routing can range from a single user to multiple levels of content approval managers. Once approved, the content will be published based on an automatic publication and archival schedule. Sitemaps, navigation menus, navigation history links, related links, etc. are automatically and seamlessly generated.

Freeform Responsive Framework

The GX Hemingway framework is complete freeform and allows any designs to be implemented. Your website is not restricted to any fixed template or layout. Fully responsive designs can easily be deployed to ensure your content is properly presented to your customers on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Furthermore, new designs can be developed, tested and previewed with live content without affecting the live site.

Revision-Based Content

New revisions of an existing content can be written, reviewed, edited, and approved without affecting the live content. Once the new revision is approved, it will automatically replace the previous revision. If it is un-approved, the previous revision will automatically be republished. This eliminates the need of a staging server and all the hassles of copying pages back and forward between the production server and the staging server.

Any Plug-in (Hyper-Content) Support

An extremely powerful integration feature of GX Hemingway is the external script and plug-in support. It can run any external program, web page, or script, passing it any parameters and then inserting the results anywhere in the page. In essence, it can encapsulate and virtualize any program as a black-box.

Automatic Related Content

Links for specially marked content in the same content folder can be automatically generated so visitors can more easily find information related to the current topic. Content managers need not be burdened by manually maintaining a list of links. Display order of these links can be easily changed by dragging and dropping the content in the list of related content.

Server Scaling and Clustering

The number of simultaneous users varies depending on the content being displayed, the complexity of the pages and the types of operations being performed. For a typical website with about 5,000 web pages, hundreds of thousands of daily visitors are easily supported on a single server.

As traffic increase, the GX Hemingway can be reconfigured to first split the web server and the SQL server. The web server can further be split into cluster nodes without the need to purchase the expensive servers. The GX Hemingway server automatically directs visitor traffic to provide load-balancing across the cluster nodes.

Cloud Hosting Option

The GX Hemingway can be deploy and hosted on cloud services such as Amazon's AWS service. Furthermore, frequently used static content such as graphics, scripts and videos can be deployed onto CDN networks such as Akamai's CDN so these resources can be delivered to your customers' browser quickly regardless of where they are located in the World.

As traffic varies depending on seasonal activities, promotions, etc., additional cloud servers can be spun up or spun down on an ad hoc basis. The GX Hemingway system automatically balances load across the cloud server nodes.