GX Marketeer

The E-Mail Campaign Management Solution

Savvy businesses are making use of e-mail marketing solutions to prospect, acquire and develop lasting relationships with customers by sending them expected and relevant information. GX Marketeer allows marketers to cost effectively increase revenue by target marketing products and services to prospective customers, building one-to-one customer relationships and strengthening brand names.

It is offered as a fully-hosted subscription application or as a standalone enterprise solution. In both cases, it can be fully customized to fit your exact business needs. There is no need to hassle with setup and configuration. In addition, eSolutions offers full campaign management services.

Generate revenue by

  • Acquiring new customers by distributing personalized content that is expected and relevant
  • Automate manual information distribution and build sustained communications with customers
  • Know you customers better with in-depth analysis reports with data gathered through e-campaigns

Save cost by

  • Distribute timely information on an effective and inexpensive medium
  • Enable viral marketing to distribute information to new customers
  • Drive traffic to web sites
  • Strengthen brand names
  • Create media advertising space

GX Marketeer Key Features

  • Distribution List Management - An effective campaign must target the right audience. The distribution list manager allows you to filter your profiled clients so that the right message is sent to the right people.
  • Mobile Friendly Email Messages - Using proven mobile friendly responsive techniques, send email messages to your customers that automatically reflows to the customers' email program and devices. Over 50% of emails are now read by mobile devices. Ensure these customers are not frustrated by desktop only emails.
  • Unified Mobile Friendly Email Editor - Create email friendly responsive messages using responsive images, columns and building blocks.
  • Personalized eMessages - Address your customers by their names or provide customized monthly statements. Each eMessage can be sent with mail merged information to give that personal touch.
  • Response Collection and Registration (GX Alliance is required) - Collect your customers' responses into a unified database that tracks their response patterns and refine their profiles. Because your campaign needs are unique, response forms are customized with the appropriate fields and validation logic.

e-Campaign Tracking, take your e-mail campaigns to the next level

  • Record and track your customers needs, habits and requirements for each campaign.
  • Create and retain more loyal customers.
  • Stop wasting time giving your customers useless information. The system automatically sends information targeted to the individual customer's needs.
  • Give your customers a personalized experience that they will not easily forget.
  • Tailor-made two-way electronic marketing material that delivers sought for information to customers and allows you to learn more about your customers.
  • Fully integrated backend Tracking System that continuously tracks and updates the profiles of your customers.

The eSolutions Advantage

  • Unlike traditional systems that are bulky, inflexible, time consuming and expensive to create, the GX Marketeer can be fully customized with your customer database structure and business logic.
  • eMarketing material and customer tracking criteria can be constantly updated.
  • With our flexible subscription license, you can even use the GX Marketeer for individual marketing campaigns.
  • The Marketeer gives you unprecedented control over the content of the marketing material.