Synapse EX

Candidate Management and Recruitment System for Head Hunters and Executive Recruiters

The Synapse EX is developed with extensive help from actual executive recruiters every step of the way. The system’s goal is to provide an edge to executive recruiters in today’s fast paced, information laden environment.

The Synapse EX is an effective tool for centralizing all contact and assignment management tasks. The system is completely web based and has a flexible licensing model. It can be used on a subscription license based on usage, or licensed for in-house installation.

From a few users in the same office, to many users spread across different office locations, it will fulfill your needs at a reasonable cost.

Another key advantage of the Synapse EX is that many of it’s features/functions can be customized to suit your requirements; such as candidate profile fields, number of supporting attachments, candidate search criteria, display fields, hiring statuses, management reports etc.

Concept of Contacts

In the world of executive recruitment, today’s client can be tomorrow’s candidate and vice versa. To realize the full potential of everyone in the database, the Synapse EX is based on the concept of contacts. A contact can be a candidate, client or both. A contact can switch between a candidate and a client, move between organizations, switch roles, and still remain the same contact. This avoids confusion by eliminating duplications of people, and whenever you select a contact you will know your entire relationship and dealings with the person.

Detailed History Notes

The system keeps track of detailed history notes of a contact both as a candidate and as a client with respect to each assignment. Even if the contact switches between being a client or a candidate, or moves between different organizations, the system keeps the history of the contact intact. You will know everything about a contact at one glance.

With the precise information provided by Synapse EX you will be able to utilize your contact pool to it’s max to better service your clients and efficiently locate suitable candidates for jobs.

From both a Contact’s or Assignment’s Point of View
You can view a contact’s history notes related to an assignment by clicking on the assignment.

Or you can view assignment history notes related to a contact by clicking on the contact.

Creation of Search Lists for Assignments

A search list is an essential tool to help you identify suitable candidates for an assignment quickly. We understand the need for executive recruiters to build search lists quickly on the go, therefore Synapse EX’s search list creation function allows quick data entry without the need to pause and save after each record. Once you have finished entering data for the search list, click save and the system will automatically try to match existing contacts with contacts in your new list. If a contact exists, his/her notes will be saved appropriately; other contacts in the list can be added to the system or kept separate.

Another powerful feature is the ability to duplicate an existing search list for a new assignment with similar requirements. This will save enormous time in locating suitable candidates. This is another Synapse EX tool that will give you the edge over the competition.

Customizable to Suite Your Needs

The Synapse EX system is designed to be customizable to suite each individual executive recruiter’s needs. Items that can be customized include:

  • Database fields for contacts and assignments
  • Contact and assignment search criteria fields
  • Fields in data display lists
  • Number of support documents that can be uploaded for each contact and assignment
  • Documents to be indexed for keyword searching
  • Management data analysis reports

Management Data Analysis Reports

The key to improvement and success is having a clear picture of the overall performance of your firm and staff. Management reports can be built based on your requirements that help you identify areas for improvement.


Simple and intuitive. The Synapse EX is developed from grounds up with power, intuitive and ease of use as it's primary objectives. This general layout for each screen including data display, search forms, navigation and functions are standardized to help the user get familiarized quickly.

A Recruiter’s Active Tasks

When a recruiter logs in, the first screen will be his/her current "Activities". These are active tasks that the recruiter is working on, or needs to be reminded of.

Workgroups for Controlling Access to Data and Functions

Workgroup support is built into the Synapse EX for it to be used as a collaborative tool shared by many users. The built-in administrator interface allows the Administrator to assign different data and functional access privileges to each workgroup, and then assign users to different workgroups.

Multi-File Format Resume Keyword Search

This powerful function will search for keywords in upload resumes and documents that are in Word, PDF, HTML and text formats. Another added feature is that you can view the resume keyword search results in the browser with formatting without opening the resumes one by one in their respective applications which takes time.

Smart Category Lists

The Smart Category List is a simple but powerful tool that is used throughout the system. When entering data you may select from a list of predetermined items, or have the option to type in items that are not within the list.

When performing a search, you may hold down the "CTRL" key and select multiple items in the list, or you may type in items that are not within the list.

Once you are familiar with the Smart Category List, you will understand why it is indispensable for a system that is shared by many users whose item descriptions may not always be in shared by others.