Realistic I.T. Cost Pledge

At eSolutions, we have a "Realistic I.T. Cost" philosophy which means we will not charge our clients exuberant amounts for development, maintenance and systems. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their I.T. needs at the highest professional standards, and at realistic costs that reflect the actual work required.

We have noticed a few key problems related to costs prevalent in the I.T. industry that is preventing it from becoming a much better service sector (see below). We have even encountered industry fellows who proudly boasts that they are charging "what the client can bear" rather than for the services rendered. This is completely against our philosophy. It's not often you hear people these days who are not frustrate with their I.T. providers and systems. Our hope is that more people in the industry will follow our model to deliver higher quality service and systems at realistic costs.

Key problems related to costs in the I.T. industry:

  1. Clients charged exuberant amounts for I.T. work because they are unfamiliar with the actual I.T. and the actual work required.
    At eSolutions, we will never over charge you just because we know you may not know what things cost. We are here to help you succeed, and we hope to become your long-term partner.
  2. Clients charged exuberant amounts for I.T. work because they are large corporates with big budgets, and feel more secure with paying big fees.
    We can tell you now, higher fees does not mean you will get good service or systems. You really need a company with good standards and ethics to put your needs first and help you grow your business.
  1. Prevalent of non-technical sales people in the I.T. industry whose primary goal is to make the "BIG" sale, and their commission.
    At eSolutions, our sales people have I.T. backgrounds, and are not commission based. They are here to help understand your needs and help you in the long run.
  2. Out of date and Out of touch I.T. industry standards. One good example is the industry standard where I.T. companies charge you an exuberant yearly mandatory "Maintenance Fee" (10-20% of the systems costs per year). Did you ever wonder what this maintenance fee is for and wondered if you actually need it?
    At eSolutions, our maintenance is optional, we charge you only if you need it, and we will clearly tell you what you will get for it... Why always 10-20% ???
  3. Because of the prevalent short term vision and "take the money now" attitude of many I.T. companies, they have created a whole generation of I.T. workers who also have similar short-term visions. They jump from one job to another, spending only about a year with each employer in order to chase a higher salary; and jumping from one tech trend to another. This is detrimental to the entire overall I.T. industry, because we are killing our own standards by creating a generation of I.T. staff who have no in-depth knowledge and know-how of the field they claim to be experts in.
    At eSolutions we believe more in an apprenticeship model, where our team is trained slowly and in depth about their work, so that they can do the best work for the clients. Our goal is not to make a fast buck.

We hope our Realistic I.T. Cost Philosophy will help you. Contact us about your I.T. needs, and we will try our best to help.